Matera is located in the Basilicata region of southern Italy. It’s a little known gem with greatest beauty and history. Sassi is the old town dates back to a prehistoric troglodyte settlement with the cave dwellings till visible until today among the rupestrian churches and cobbled streets.

There are 10 photos take earlier this year over 1 week trip around the ancient valleys and churches. What else would you like to see in Matera, Italy ? Please feel free to sharing some beautiful photos from Ancient Valleys And Churches of Matera with me 🙂

1# Matera View Evening mist over the cathedral.

Evening mist over the cathedral, Amazing Place in Italy

#2 The old town of Matera, Italy

View from the apartment through the old town

#3 Crooked streets

Crooked streets, Beautiful place in Ilaty

#4 View from the balcony

View from the balcony

#5 Church over the ancient valley

Church over the valley, Italy Travel Place

#6 Madonna De Idris Church

Church of Madonna De Idris

#7 cathedral view on Sunset

Sunset over the cathedral, Italy Amazing Place on Earth

#8 Valley and river at Sunny 

Sunny valley and river

#9 View from the rock

From the rock, Italy beautiful place

#10 Escher style street architecture

Escher style street architecture, Best Place in Italy



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