Do You Believe? A Donuts Cost $100

A donut that take 3 to 5 hours to make it said by Jeanne Kaminski, co-owner of Dolicious Donuts in West Kelowna, Canada. it’s coverd in 24 karat of gold flakes & edible sugar diamonds. If you want to buy it’s cost $100 for a donut seems crezy, but Donutopia is no ordinary confectionery. These treats’re made with the best ingredients including $39 Bling H2O water. It’s were inspired by a good customer who wanted of their design to propose to his girlfriend. He asked for a cream-filled Bismarch donut to act as a pillow for the engagement ring, But they decided to make him something truly inpressive.
Do you believe-A donut cost $100-2

Do you believe-A donut cost $100-3Do you believe-A donut cost $100-1

Photos: Dolicious Donuts/Facebook


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