10 Common Things Banned In Russia

Russia is an impressive land with an impressive history. The largest country on the planet, its lands cross several time zones and stretch from Europe all the way to the edge of North America. Across its vast expanse can be found mountains, deserts, arctic tundra, vast forests, marshlands and massive plains. Its population is large, and at around 145 million is made up of numerous cultures and religions. While Russian is the primary language of the people, there are around 100 other languages spoken in a country which is home to over 150 ethnicities. Historically, Russia has experienced a rather turbulent, if impressive past. Growing to become one of the largest empires in the world, the First World War led to the collapse of country as revolution swept through. Several decades as part of the Soviet Union saw Russia maintain a powerful standing in the world, but that too eventually crumbled.

Source: TheRichest

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