10 Most Awesome Facts of Twins

Today RarityNews.com could like to share 10 most awesome facts of twins. First, we are seeing mothers having their children later in life. Busy lives due to career or choosing to settle down later in life have led women to put the stork on hold. As people get older, there are hormonal changes that happen within your body. For women, these hormonal changes mean that there body is more likely to release more than one egg at a time during ovulation. Meaning that there’s a chance that both of those eggs could be fertilized. Another reason is that we have seen an increase of sophistication in the medical field for parents who are not able to have children on their own. Assisted reproductive technology or ART has helped women conceive, but sometimes they get more than they bargained for. In vitro fertilization, which accounts for 99% of assisted reproductive technology, is when the egg is fertilized outside of the body and then placed back in the uterus. Depending on the number of embryos that are placed back into the womb, the likelihood of women having multiple children is anywhere from 20-40%.

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