Ten of the Most Interesting and Craziest Stories of All Time

The video is interesting as it presents ten of the most interesting and craziest stories of all time. You would not believe it but Lisa Sparxxx is a woman who had sex with nine-hundred nineteen guys. Apart from it, she was also proud of having sex with seven-hundred fifteen men in one day. She also told almost all of her friends that she had a blast and she had a whole fun doing it.

Chuck Negron was also fond of engaging in a sexual intercourse. However, he was also advised to stop doing it. Other names mentioned on the video include of Even Dr. Carl Von Cosel and Hans Christian Anderson. You would not entirely believe it but Anderson engaged in sexual intercourses. The craziesr thing is that he had a diary of all of it.

There are still other stories that you would love or would leave you amazed on the video!

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